woensdag 11 december 2013

A new lugger for Ben Ullings: A Le Seil designed by Francois Vivier. Instead of the standard boomless standing lug he decided to try a balanced lug and had Vivier design it.
I built it in Supercruise 5.4 oz in the color altair, crosscut with three battens. Not only do you increase the area very slightly but, more important, some roach helps the sail to twist. I also think a slight roach like this is helps to keep a good shape. Often  battenless sails develop a hook to windward.

At the left side of the mast he has a powerfull downhaul, while at the right side we see the halyard and the thin red regulation line to controll the yard. Apart from the regulation line there is much dyneema here. I also reinforceed the luff with dyneema..
The line is tied the the yard and goes around the mast to a miniblock and down to the foot of the mast. It is a great help to peak up the yard so the crease, that so often spoils the set of an otherwise good sail, will disappear. I think we have now the same tuning possibilities as gaffers have: Pull on the peak halyard to make the sail fuller and let it go the depower.

I want to tell you Bart Jan Bats, builder of the BJ 17, was the first to use this line to cure an unruly luff: I used prestretched polyesther, thinking it was strong enough: It wasn't and the boat had left the country: He fixed it brilliantly with the reg. line.