dinsdag 21 juni 2011


We sail a Wizard, a modern catamaran designed by Richard Woods. The sails on her are made in Maxx Pen 15, a laminate that is designed to build crosscut sails with wide cloth as an alternative to radial cut sails.  Advantages are: Less cutting time, sewing time, smaller gluing faults, faster construction, together resulting in a better and more costeffective sail.  Our boat is now easier on the helm, tacks better, and faster. Later this year we hope to add a screacher on a roller on a bowsprit. Till then we use an old Tornado asymmetrical spinaker. On the Frisian Sea where we sail the water is rather thin so a shallow boat is great here. When we have the time we usually let the boat dry out on a tidal mudflat to sleep and we can also wipe eventual slime off or go for a walk, get some cockles, mussels or oysters.   

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